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  1. How to stop bladder leakage
  2. Controlling urinary urgency
  3. How to fully empty your bladder
  4. How to become more aware of your bladder habits
  5. Strengthening your core and pelvic floor muscles 
  6. Achieving your whole-body health goals 

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  SelfCare Solutions for Overactive Bladder
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General Overview

In order to be most successful it is highly recommended that you complete each class in numerical order.

The order of the classes represents the 4 pillars of our philosophy for whole-body healing at Motivate.

The classes are a culmination of our years of experience in massage and manual therapy, pelvic floor therapy, orthopedic approaches, visceral manipulation, foam rolling, swiss ball exercises, stretching, and strength stabilization, Integrative yoga, and more. We have developed a very systematic way of introducing each technique-strength comes after education and habit change.

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